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This was already talked about in the scriptures like in Genesis 2:9,16,Genesis 3:22-24,John 15:1,Matthew 1:1-16,Ezekiel 17:22-24,Isaiah 11:1-11,Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:1-3.And in other books it was talked about but it was too deep to understand like in Daniel 7:9-10,Malachi 3:1-12,Daniel 2:44 and others.

This tree has been talked about in Revelation 22:1-3 and it bears 12 fruits which are for healing nations but the one who heals is Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit whom Daniel referred to as the Ancient of Days who sat on the throne and a fiery stream issued and came forth before him. This is Jesus Christ the tree of life for healing nations (see the prophecy 2015 for more details).

In Malachi 3:1-12, here He was referred to as the messenger of the covenant who is going to restore all things but, through fire; And in Daniel 2:44, He is Jesus Christ King of kings Lord of lords seated on the throne of his father David, Mark 11:1-10. Look critically at verse 10, seated to rule all nations. This is where he is going to put down all kingdoms, break them so that himself may rule. In Revelation 19:11-16 He is talked about as the Lord of lords and King of kings who is going to rule with an iron hand (it is to rule with great power and authority) yet it is the word which was talked about in psalm 110:2 and He was the rod of strength. The tree of life is our Lord Jesus Christ and it is the word of God. Revelation 19:11-13, John 1:1-14, Isaiah 11:1-3, Isaiah 61:1-3, these scriptures confirm to us that it is He.

Jesus Christ the word and the tree of life as well for healing nations. This tree bears twelve fruits (12).

The revelation that this minister was given teaches that the fruits of the tree of life are:

  1. TITHE.
  2. SEED.

You may be asking yourself whether there is anywhere in scriptures where the fruits of the tree of life were shortlisted, as its fruits (for the tree of life), it is not so. But when any prophet is called to be God’s prophet, He Himself gives him a revelation and sometimes it is new, which would fulfill the will of God. But these ones are scriptures in the Bible though not arranged as they are here.


  1. David in 1 Samuel 16:14-23 it was not written that one day the voice of the harp would heal or cast out a demon.
  2. Elisha and the sons of the prophets in 2 Kings 4:38-41, the wild gourds they prepared for the sons of the prophets which had death in them, Elisha got a revelation to add flour and the stew was cleansed; it was not written that one day it would be like that.
  3. Elisha and Naaman in 2 Kings 5:1-14, Naaman was healed from his leprosy because of dipping himself 7 times in the Jordan, yet it was not written anywhere until he got that revelation and it worked.
  4. When Elisha was making the axe to float in Kings 6:1-7 which had fallen in the water while they were cutting trees in the Jordan to build for themselves houses to stay in, the one who was using it to cut cried out to Elisha, Elisha asked him where it had fallen, he cut a branch and threw it where it had fallen and made the iron to float and commanded him to pick it and did like that. This also was not seen anywhere that Elisha read it in the scriptures but it was a new revelation that God had given him.
  5. Elisha and the men of Jericho in 2Kings 2:19-22; they reported to him the bad water which never made the food to grow and also causing miscarriages (see good news bible), here he used salt brought in a new bowl, it is what he threw in the source of water and prayed in the name of God and the water was healed .This was also a new revelation.
  6. Elijah and the child of a widow who had died in 1kings 17:17-24 this time he lay and stretched himself on the dead child three times and he resurrected. He never read it anywhere in scriptures but only the new revelation he had gotten.

There are many examples but the difference with all these principles is that they were extracted from or were got from the scriptures and bring out the power in them, the way they work or their ways of healing.

Here there is also a new and great revelation though they were in existence in the Old Testament and even in the new they were used or observed with care yet the power in them was not known well but now in this revelation the power in them is shown in deliverance and healing.

Another new revelation is to understand that these principles are the fruits of the tree of life for healing nations and even as the first prophets whenever they received a revelation by the spirit of God they could do and there was healing as we saw at first.

These principles or the twelve fruits(12)of the tree of life, let us look at some of the scriptures that talk about them and their working in brief because their details, you will  find in lessons which are well prepared.



  • It brings healing. (heals)
  • It brings protection.
  • It brings abundant blessings.
  • It brings extra ordinary blessing and makes you delightful.

Malachi 3:7-12, 2Chronicles 31: 5, Luke 11:42, Numbers 18:21.

  1. SEED.
  • It cleanses a blessing.
  • It brings enough in all, all the time.
  • It brings multiplication.
  • It quickens things or any other issue which you may be working on.
  • It makes rich in everything and also brings fruits of righteousness.
  • It brings a blessing in its abundance.
  • It reveals secrets.
  • It heals or brings healing.

2Corinthians 9:5-12, Genesis 8:22, Galatians 6:6-10, Ecclesiastes 11:1-6, Mark 10:28-30, Acts 4:32-36, Isaiah 58:1-10, John 12:24, Philippians 4:14-19, Psalm 126:1-6.


  • It fills the barns with plenty.
  • It presses or squeezes.
  • Establishes a foundation.
  • It makes a blessing to rest in a house.
  • It makes a new beginning.
  • It resurrects.

Exodus 13:2, Exodus 13:12-15, Exodus 22:29-30, Exodus 23:19, 1Kings 16:34, Proverbs 3:9-10, Ezekiel 44:30.


  • This is a sacrifice that purifies all.
  • It removes obstacles and ungodly covenants.
  • It breaks ungodly foundations.
  • It sets free those who are oppressed and bound.
  • It uproots foundations and mountains exalted (problems).
  • It brings peace and others.

Leviticus 7:11-14, Leviticus 22:29, Isaiah 14:24-26 Isaiah 25:8, Jeremiah 50:2, 25.

Zechariah 3:1-5, Zechariah 9:7-8, Nahum 1:12-13, Malachi 3:1-5.

  • It brings purification.
  • Takes away reproach
  • It brings you out from the yoke of a nation.
  • It brings refreshment (ushers in new things).
  • It makes God to offer protection to His own.
  • It brings fellowship with Christ.
  • It brings crossing over.
  • Transforms our character
  • It makes the spirit of God rest upon our lives.
  • It makes you to be unique

Exodus 12: 1-13, Exodus 14:15-31 Joshua 5:9-10, Isaiah 10:27, Hosea 13:14, John 13:1-10, Matthew 26:26-29, John 13:1-10, 1Corinthians 11:23-34.


  • It brings in-gathering of things worked for sometimes good or bad depending on the way you were sowing.
  • It besieges and encloses(protection)
  • It releases a blessing.
  • It brings victory.
  • It brings back what was plundered sometimes compensation and others.

Genesis 8:22, Exodus 23:16, Exodus 34:22, 1Samuel 6:1-10, 1Kings 16:34, 2Chronicles 14:1-7,

Ecclesiastes 11:1, 6, Ezekiel 4:1-3, Mark 10:28-31, Acts 4:32-35, Galatians 6:7.

  1. GIFT.
  • It turns away anger and calms down wrath.
  • It unites man with God and man with fellow man.
  • It brings favor.
  • It brings deliverance, healing and peace.
  • It turns back the hearts of people to God.

Genesis 20:1-18, Genesis 32:9-16, Genesis 33:1-11, Leviticus 7:28-29,1Samuel 6:1-27, Job 42:7-10, Proverbs 21:14, Ezekiel 37:15-19, Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 5:9.


  • It takes and turns away God’s wrath.
  • It delights and makes God to work.
  • It brings victory over the impossibilities and deliverance.
  • It joins two parties, to be in unity, to be established and protecting each other.
  • It brings victory of all kinds.
  • It brings fellowship with Christ.

Genesis 21:22-27, Genesis 26:26-34, Genesis 31:43-55, Judges 11:1-27,29-39, 1Samuel 1:1-27, 2Kings 11:17, 2Kings 23:3, 2Chronicles 29:10-11, Nehemiah 9:38, 1Corinthians 11:23-30.


  • It makes one to be registered in the books of heaven and to be known/accepted by God officially.
  • It brings security.
  • It purifies and also makes doors to be opened for you.
  • It establishes (strengthens).
  • It consecrates.
  • Dedication breaks yokes.

Numbers 7:1-11, 1Samuel 1:24-28, 1Kings 8:62-64, 2Chronicles, 7:1-14, Matthew 7:7-8, Luke 2:21-24, John 10:22.


  • It grants you authority.
  • It disarms power and authority of the evil one, Satan.
  • It confirms and establishes ownership on different things
  • It brings great victory.

Genesis 23:1-18, Genesis 27:1-37, 2Samuel 24:21-24, Joshua 14:6-13, Joshua 14:6-13,           Luke 2:1-7.


  • It brings God to encamp or dwell within his children and people.
  • It brings fellowship with people.
  • It brings back God’s glory, abundant love and people to bow before Him.
  • Brings back what went away or plundered like wealth to their owners.
  • It helps the poor to dwell with their people.
  • It brings prosperity and lending to nations without borrowing.
  • It brings liberty of praying for ourselves blessings and others.

Exodus 29:42-46, Deuteronomy 15:1-6, Esther 9:19-22, Isaiah 65:16-25, Zechariah 9:8-12, Ezekiel 21:26-27. Romans 12:18.                                                     


  • Restores the lost or prodigal.
  • It brings back what was or those who were dedicated to Satan.
  • This sacrifice brings what was plundered.
  • Ransoms people and other things.

 Exodus 13:12-13, Genesis 14:11-16, Genesis 21:28-30, Ruth 4:1-10, 1Samuel 30:1-19, Jeremiah 22:3, Jeremiah 32:6-15. All the principles’ work generally is, healing, deliverance and overcoming.

To all these principles you can add or prepare a feast of eating together and others may require giving offertories only. This depends on how you are inspired or commanded by the Holy Spirit sometimes depending on your ability.

Some principles are sometimes added on others depending on the issue or burden.


These are some of the principles that can be added on to others;

a) Gift, in case there is anger and wrath of God in the matter for which you are giving a sacrifice. Then it unites you with God but it would be better adding it on whatever you offer. Leviticus 7:28-29.

b) Redemption, if there is something prodigal, stolen, something in dispute, or sick person to redeem his life (psalm 103:3-4) or something initiated or someone initiated and also sometimes redeeming yourself from a current situation.

c) Tax, if the reason you are offering the sacrifice for is revealed to you to be powerful, it needs to disarm authority behind it. Sometimes there may be need for you to be granted authority over it or when God commands it.

d) Harvest, in case the reason you are giving a sacrifice for you are inspired to add it or it needs to besiege and close that situation that it may not return, and sometimes you may want after being delivered from that situation that you have offered the sacrifice for to in gather those that had died due to the captivity that existed. And also besieging what was taken, returning them with profits.

e) Covenant or vow, there is turning away God’s anger in case it is there or if you want to show determination and true repentance say, you vow not to do it again 2Chronicles 29:10. And sometimes the issue may have failed when you need God to fight for you then you give a vow or make a covenant when you want something to be done for you as Jacob in Genesis 28:10-22, Hannah in 1Samuel 1:10-17:20-27, and Jephthah in Judges 11:30-39.

f) Passover, this one you may have been commanded by God or when you are inspired. Sometimes you can add on this principle if there is blood involved, sometimes taking away the yoke, consecration and others or leading your destiny.

g) Dedication/introduction, in case of anything redeemed there must be dedication in order to put a hedge or caveat, cleansing and consecration.

h) Feast of tabernacles, this can be added to bring unity if there is division, rejection and despise in order to restore God’s glory.

i) Thanks giving, this sacrifice is the one that we add on the principles we looked at first. This is the one that breaks foundations, covenants, genealogy problems or offering thanks giving for diseases and others of the same kind.

J) Seed, this is the one that leads other sacrifices for cleansing because of the reason you are conducting the sacrifice sometimes it reveals to you God’s judgments, adds on to provisions and also brings settlement and peace.

k) First fruit, whenever you complete offering a sacrifice seeking deliverance, the first in your hands is the first fruit to God to set a foundation, to be delivered totally, to be given a new beginning of victory and receiving plenty of a blessing of that which you have received.



Offertories to God must be without blemish, they must be good and offered in righteousness so as to please and be appreciated by God Leviticus 22:19-21, Malachi 3:3-5.

Each one of these principles can stand on its own as a sacrifice depending on what is needed to be done. And if there is a principle which needs to be added on to another depending on the current issue or being commanded and inspired by the Holy Spirit and it is added as we saw at first.


Differing from other principles, a seed can reveal secrets for instance when there is a certain situation that you do not know why it exists. Here you sow a seed and inquire when you have also added on to it fasting (seeking God) to reveal to you that matter. And after He has shown or revealed to you; let us say you can get a revelation that there are abominations, evil like adultery, sooth saying, witchcraft, embezzlement or anything else. You sow another seed and ask for God’s justice or judgments. This is asking God what you can do to remove those and also praying and fasting. Daniel 9:6-7, Romans 11:33. Isaiah 40:27-28.


After He has revealed to you what you are supposed to do, you have to look critically to see that you have understood, or inquire from ministers to help in leading you properly. If you have the ability, then you do what has been commanded you or how you were inspired to avoid being misled.


Sometimes you may have no ability then what comes next is a seed praying for provision from God and when you receive it; you sow a seed to prepare for the sacrifice. This seed brings stability, it begins on the issue you are preparing to do the sacrifice for, prevents attacks that may want to hinder you to prepare that sacrifice (this is important do not be careless about it)


A sacrifice means giving up, submitting, taking pain in whatever, you are doing Psalm 51:17, Philippians 4:14-18 doing it with joy not grudgingly or of necessity 2Corinthians 9:7.

In all these principles there are other four that work hand in hand. Some may confuse you when you do not understand them and they may hinder you to obey this revelation yet you need it. These principles are;

  1. Praying and fasting
  2. Offering
  3. Feast or eating together
  4. The word of God

All these are Godly principles and they are in scriptures. Our fore fathers in the Old Testament walked in them, and even our brothers in the New Testament walked in them and so did our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us look at these principles in the scriptures.

  1. Praying and fasting.

This principle is so important even our Lord walked so much in it and He teaches to do the same. Matthew 4:1-2, Matthew 7:7-8, Matthew 6:17-18, Matthew 9:15-16 and Matthew 17:21 we the believers of our Lord Jesus if we lose the principle of praying sometimes even fasting it is impossible to stand. Isaiah 55:6-7, our Lord urges us to pray and seek Him, and this is the way of understanding the truth through revelation that comes from praying.

In this generation, praying and fasting, seeking God and asking Him is going to help us not to trust fellow people and also help us and not to be deceived by false prophets because you inquire by yourself, then you are answered, hence being a prophet of your own life. It is not wise to just do anything without asking God and knowing His will.


  1. The principle of offering.

This principle is also very important in both the Old and New Testaments. Offering is commanded and we are greatly admonished to offer as our forefathers of the Old Testament and our brothers of the New Testament used to do and it was accounted to them as righteousness. Job 1:1-6, Job 2:3, Acts 10:1-4.

Let us observe in other scriptures.

Malachi 3:7-12

When you cheat by not giving tithes and offerings, you share a curse yet if you offer them; you share a blessing (this is so important to know).

 Proverbs 3:9-10

You have to honor our God with your property by offering to Him the first fruits of all your possessions that you may receive plenty in your barns. That is why we see because man has always eaten the first fruits, the earth is full of famine and problems; and not receiving what is enough.

 2Corinthians 9:5-12.

Here Paul was teaching about giving (seed) and verse 5 shows that a seed cleanses a blessing or giving brings a blessing. Verse 6 shows that the measure in which you sow is the same measure you reap. Verse 7 urges us to give not grudgingly but we have to give with joy for God loves a cheerful giver. Verse 8 informs us that through giving, God can is able to make all grace abound towards us, always having all sufficiency in all things and all the time. Verse 9 shows that he who gave and also dispersed, received righteousness that endures forever.

Verse 10 shows that giving or a seed multiplies and increases fruits of righteousness. Verse 11 shows that giving makes rich in everything for all liberality which causes thanks giving through us to God. Verse 12 shows that giving does not only supply our needs but also abounds through many thanks giving to God .You may add Acts 10:1-48 the prayers and giving of Cornelius.

 Acts 9:36-42

Do you see Tabitha or Dorcus how her generosity resulted in her resurrection when she had died?

 Acts 4:32-37.

Do you see how the church used to give the giving you can refer to in this generation as being  coned  and made them to sell things, their land but time came when they all had everything without anyone being in need,  when blessed and prospering.

 Isaiah 58:1-10

See the giving that brings God to answer quickly your prayers. This quickens healing, deliverance and also undoing the heavy burdens. See Ecclesiastes 11:1, Ecclesiastes 11:6, and Genesis 8:22, Philippians 4:14-17, Proverbs 11:25, Isaiah 19:21 and Luke 2:21-24 and so many others.

 3.Feast or eating together.

These are not banqueting as the world calls them, they are feasts and they are for eating together as they were in the Bible. Let us look at the scriptures.

Exodus 11:1-7 and Exodus 12:1-12,

The Lord himself commanded the children of Israel to eat the feast of Passover and it made Pharaoh and the Egyptians to ask Moses and Aaron to tell the children of Israel to leave their country yet Pharaoh had refused them sometime back to go and worship God

They also added on giving them silver, gold and so many other things.

 Genesis 18:1-5

This feast that Abraham prepared for God had power to remove the curse of barrenness and God promised Sarah to produce a child and he was born, he is Isaac.

 Genesis 21:1-3, 8

When Isaac was weaned, Abraham prepared a feast to God of appreciation and he delivered him and also produced other children.

 Genesis 19:1-3, 12-14.

When the angels entered into Lot’s house, he prepared for them a feast which resulted in telling him to warn others and his in-laws and daughters, but they despised it.

 Luke 5:27-30.

Jesus Christ went to Levi; who gave Him a great feast. That is where we see Jesus being exemplary.

 John 10:22. Our Lord Jesus Christ went to the Feast of Dedication

 Acts 2:46-47.

The church of the apostles had the principle of eating food in their houses with simplicity of the heart and they were appreciated by people, so many miracles were done and so many people continued to accept salvation or becoming saved.

 Genesis 31:43-46.

Laban and Jacob made a covenant and they ate food from there see these also; 1Corinthians 10:30-31, Colossians 3:17, John 7:2,8,10,11,14, and 37, Mathew 26:17-10, Luke 2:41-43, Acts 2:19(see Good News) harvest.

1 Kings 8:63-65

 King Solomon prepared a feast for consecrating the house of the Lord.


4) The word of God.

The word is God Himself that is going to work in our generation and everything inspired by the word and the Holy Spirit. John 1:1-5, 14, Hebrews 4:12, Revelation 19:11-13, John 12:48-50, John 5:39, 43, Proverbs 8:8-9, Psalm 119:105, 2Peter 1:19-21, 2Timothy 3:16-17 and others.

The word of God is a means of communication that is most trustworthy. It is not doubted even when He speaks with the inner voice, the heart; when you don’t understand it’s then He uses his word because you may call it the inner voice, your thoughts yet the truth they may be, yet Satan also uses it so much. Remember, any kind of sin begins from the thoughts. James 1:14-15.


Therefore, if you don’t read the word of God you will miss Him speaking to you because you may not understand other means of communication most especially if you are not trained.

Another thing which is so important to note, be careful not to strive with the word of God because the word is Jesus and is God himself. So, you will be fighting with God and Jesus His son and sometimes if you don’t believe; you would have become His enemy, and the enemy of truth and righteousness.

Another thing, if you don’t read the word and you oppose it, you are going to perish because you will not understand the truth. You will be confused; you will get lost and share your portion with the rebellious in hell.

Look carefully at the five principles which are so important that help to deliver whoever uses the system of the tree of life; and without them, you may think that the principles of the tree of life do not work but yet you are the one who didn’t follow properly its system.

If a doctor prescribes to you three or five types of medicine when they are three or five sometimes even more then you say it is exceedingly much, you are fed up, tired; or that you will buy what you want; it is not easy to get healed because every type has its own purpose. If you have left some types of the medicine it is wrong to say that the doctor is ignorant of what he is doing or that the medicine doesn’t work, yet you are the one doing things wrongly hence hindering your healing.


These are the principles;

  1. Obedience
  2. Diligence
  3. Faith
  4. Self-control.
  5. Long suffering

These will help us so much.

  1. Obedience;

It is a very important principle that God pleases so much to do whatever helps to bring healing and deliverance in your life yet. If you don’t obey you fail to do what would have helped you and you stay in problems. Isaiah 1:19-20.

If Saul had obeyed and did what God had sent him to do, he would have remained on the throne; do you see how disobedience made him to be sent away from the throne. 1Samuel 15:1-23?

Let us look at another example in 2kings 5:1-14 the man Naaman had a great problem of leprosy yet he was a noble. A person despised, a maid servant, directed them where he could receive healing from. But when he reached, he despised the method prophet Elisha commanded him to follow. He even wanted to go back but when his servants counseled him, he obeyed and dipped himself in the Jordan not only once but seven times and he was cleansed. Obedience helped him to be healed; if he had disobeyed, he would have remained with his leprosy.


The third example is in John 9:1-7, this one was also born blind; Jesus spat saliva on the soil and mixed it, and smeared it on his eyes, told him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam. When he obeyed and accepted to wash, he was healed and received back his sight.


These help us to know that obeying the system that has been revealed by the Holy Spirit will help us to become healed. If Naaman or the blind man had not obeyed, they would not have gotten healed. The times that Naaman was commanded to dip himself were seven; every time had a meaning to cleanse his body and they were first completed then he was cleansed. Therefore, you may be told many principles on the tree of life this will be meaning that every principle has a purpose of purification concerning the issue you are handling and if you don’t obey you will not be delivered.


  1. Diligence

We have to be diligent, if you are not diligent and you give up you will remain with your bondage. You see Naaman we looked at in 2Kings 5:1-14 he first obeyed and accepted to dip himself; and when he started dipping, he had to be diligent all the seven times he was commanded. If you are not diligent to complete the principles which you are told, you may remain with your problems?


In Genesis 6:1-22, Noah was commanded by God to make an ark from Agofer tree; he was commanded to do it very well, prepare it very well, to make it in three decks, to pitch in and outside and with correct measurements. Noah was first of all obedient and diligent to do and fulfill all that he was commanded. He and his wife, sons and the wives were the ones saved from the floods because of obedience and diligence.


The principles of the tree of life have to obey and do what you have been told, and be diligent without opposing or having self-pity minimizing but to just obey and be diligent, then you will be healed and be at peace.


  1. Faith.

If you read in Hebrews 10:39 for the sake of saving life we are not supposed to drawback but only to have faith and Hebrews 11:1-13 we see that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This means that faith is what will strengthen what was promised that the tree will be for healing of nations and that is what we hope (hoping to be healed).


All these promises come from the word so because of faith we understand that all things were made by the word and it is faith that has to strengthen and fulfill what was promised.


Hebrews 11verse 32 says ‘‘what more shall I say for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel and other prophets verse 33 who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions verse 34 quenched the violence of fire, escaped the age of the sword, out of weakness they were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to fight the armies of the aliens’’. Faith helped them to overcome.


See also Isaiah 7:9‘‘the head of Ephraim is Samaria and the head of Samaria is Ramallah’s son if you will not believe surely you shall not be strengthened’’.


See also 2Chronicles 20:20, and they rose up early in the morning and went out into the wilderness of Tekoa and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said that ‘ ‘hear me oh Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem. Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe his prophets and you shall prosper’’.


These had been attacked by three more powerful nations who invaded to fight against them but Jehoshaphat strengthened them with great words of faith. When they set off to go while singing because of faith, those of the three nations were beaten because they began to fight against themselves.


Moab, the Ammonites and those from mountain Seir killed one another and at the end they were all utterly destroyed and dead bodies were all over, no one escaped. Judah gained victory, was established and witnessed a blessing because of faith. Without faith it may be difficult to be established and gaining victory or to witness a blessing.  Whatever you may do in all these principles, will be established because of faith.


Look critically at these scriptures that they may help you more to believe Mark 5:25-34, the sickness had persisted but because of faith she was cleansed (healing) Isaiah 28:16, Habakkuk 2:4, Matthew 17:20, Mathew 21:21-22, Luke 17:6.


  1. Self-control

Self-control helps to do things properly as you are told. Noah in Genesis 6:1-22 he was careful to bind the ark and it became firm and helped the house or the people of his house to escape floods. Noah is a very good example because he followed all the five principles when he was told by God to make the ark. He obeyed and worked; he was diligent to fulfill the commands though they were many. He also had to accept what he was told though it was not expected.


He had to carefully build and bind the ark. He was also patient because the work of preparing the boat took 120 years. Though the time was too long like that, he was patient until everything was fulfilled, and it helped so much those who escaped to be a seed of that which is present today (people and all other things).


Let us also look at the children of Israel when they had completed 430 years in Egypt, God commanded them on the issue of the Passover (Passover feast) that subdued Pharaoh and all his nobles and also escaping from slavery. These also performed these principles; they obeyed, they were diligent to fulfill: them, they used faith because they had been oppressed so much and never expected salvation.


See Exodus 12:4-13 but their time of salvation, they had to fulfill all, to separate the lamb from their flock, to eat it roasted, eat with bitter herbs, eat while they were prepared very well; belts in their waists, their luggage tied up, with the staff in their hands, with shoes on their feet, not to keep what had remained but to burn it with fire and when they had sprinkled the blood on their houses. They did all this carefully because if they had messed any one of these all the preparation would be destroyed. They were patient for the right time there after they were saved.


There must be great care while doing the principles, by doing whatever has been revealed to us, then God’s preparation of healing you or healing us may be fulfilled properly.


If you are not careful you may do half-baked things or doing any how then you spoil everything; and you begin complaining that the things of the tree of life are lies yet you are the one who has dropped the right procedure which would bring deliverance, healing or establishment.


  1. Long suffering.

There must be patience because sometimes healing may come immediately or it may take some time as God’s will maybe. You have to remember that the tree of life is for healing nations. This healing goes through processes. When a sick person is healing it goes on slowly by slowly until he receives total healing, sometimes it may not be drastic.


Sometimes a sick person, most especially those who are very ill (as we are), because of our difficult situations or what is disturbing us that has taken or spent a long time, is what makes us to be critically sick as we saw above. Therefore, it may need different kinds of medicine so as to be able to recover totally.

So also, these principles of the tree of life work as kinds of medicine see Ezekiel 47:12 the last part, ‘it’s leaves shall be medicine for healing’’.


We have to know that God will do as He wishes. Sometimes there may be those that heal immediately yet others take some time, but then all shall heal no matter how long. That is why it is necessary to be patient if it would take some time you have to wait, be patient and have faith that everything is possible without doubting.


These five principles which have been talked about are going to help us fulfill the system of the tree of life hence being set free. They will help us do the right thing and also heal us totally. It is good to observe them so much, walk in them, and also endeavoring to perfect them as they may be revealed or as the Holy Spirit might have inspired you.


Take note and be careful.

See these scriptures and meditate on them. Hebrews 4:12, Proverbs 8:8-9, 2Peter 3:14-17, Romans 9:20 and Isaiah 28:22, lastly read James 1:16-18, 20-26.


A great warning.

Just because God planned long time ago to rule through the tree of life and they are these principles, they will not just be used and they work but only if a person has humbled himself before the ministers who have been trained and given authority according to the calling. The anointing shall only be in the church of the generation that has begun most especially after it has been introduced to the whole world. Ministers who have been in the previous church before the generation began, who will remain exalted without humbling themselves before those who have understood, God is going to a shame them whatever they shall be doing while copying will not witness a blessing or come to pass.


Do not sell this message; it is free, help to give a copy to others.

(Matthew 10:8).